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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rimba Villas?

Rimba Villas is an eco-friendly resort comprising three unique villa retreats where we promote self reconnection and soul nourishing in a natural environment.


What does ‘Rimba’ mean?

‘Rimba’ in Indonesian means ‘tropical forest’; chosen because of our love for the plants, flowers and trees found in the area, all of which play a dominant role in the natural and organic vibe you’ll find in our villas. 

How do I get to Rimba Villas?

We are located in the North-West corner of Gili Air. From Bali, you can reach the island by fast boat in only an hour and a half. Alternatively, you can fly to Lombok International Airport and continue by taxi which will take you to Bangsal Harbour in an hour. From the harbour it’s just a 15 minute ride on the public boat to the island.


Are you able to organise the transfer to Gili Air?

Yes we are. We work with the best agencies to offer you a stress-free transfer from either Bali or Lombok, straight to your Rimba Villa.


How far is Rimba Villas from the closest beach?

The Rimba complex is just 100 meters from the most beautiful white sand beach in Gili Air.


What is the best way to move around the island?

Gili Air is a motor-free island; there are no cars or motorbikes. The best way to get around is by walking or cycling. You can walk around the whole island in just 45 min, and cross from north to south in less than 30 min. We have a small fleet of Rimba bikes to enable you to fully explore the island. 


Is it true that in Gili Air there are occasional power cuts?

Yes it is, and that is why here at Rimba we have a generator to keep your villa up and running.


Can we book island activities through Rimba Villas?

Of course you can! We work with the best local companies in terms of safety and professionalism to offer you the most authentic experience the island has to offer. You can pre-book any activity before you arrive, or once you are here.

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